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pay 10 and receive 12 nada nada No impreso faq

6 for the price of 5 !

You have family visiting, you work with groups, or simply plan a get together with friends?

For every 5 coupons that you purchase(¹) Cupocity offers you 1 free coupon of the same offer !

Purchase 5 coupons and your 6th courtesy coupon will be immediately sent to your email address if you use Paypal, and within 24 hours if you use Dineromail payment gateway.

Hurry up! This special promotion is only valid for a limited time!

(1) Of the same offer, from the same Cupocity account and in 1 single transaction.



Your CupoCity coupon does not need to be printed. The security code of your coupon can be shown to the Merchant from your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop. It can also be provided verbally or printed on paper, as long as it appears on the Merchant's records. The Merchant agreed to this policy when signing up with CupoCity.

Please review carefully the conditions of each offer, as some merchants may exceptionally require a printed coupon.

Payments in cash at Oxxo & 7Eleven

  • Click the LOGIN button on home page, or paste in your browser
  • Enter your Cupocity username and password
  • Press the I WANT IT button that corresponds to the offer you wish to purchase
  • Enter the number of desired coupons
  • Select the DINEROMAIL option
  • Click the COMPLETE MY ORDER button
  • Press the UNDERSTOOD button
  • You are now directed to Dineromail secured website
  • You can select your preferred language on the top far right corner if you wish so
  • Pay in cash the coupon amount (a 7-peso fee will be charged by the store for this service)
  • Select the payment method of your choice
  • Enter the requested information
  • Click on the PAY button
  • Print your receipt with the barcode on white paper, at 100-125% of its size (no reduction or enlargement), preferably with a laser printer, and avoid folding your receipt as this could cause scanner reading errors
  • Present your receipt at your local Oxxo or 7Eleven store within 15 days in order to be scanned.
  • Pay the amount of the coupon in cash (a 7-peso fee will be charged at the store for this service)
  • If the barcode does not scan, ask cashier to try several times or try another store
  • Your coupon will be sent within the next 48 hours to the email address registered with Cupocity

    Enjoy your coupon!

Payments in cash at Scotiabank Inverlat

  • Go to the Scotiabank Inverlat branch of your preference in your city
  • Deposit the desired amount to account # 032 00 40 27 88
  • Keep your receipt
  • Send an email to mentioning your Cupocity username and the deposited amount in MXN pesos.
  • Your funds will be credited to your Cupocity Wallet within 2 hours if you send your email during office hours
  • To purchase offers with your Cupocity Wallet, log in to your Cupocity account on by pressing the LOG IN button, enter your username and password, press the I WANT IT button for the offer that you wish to purchase.
  • Your Cupocity Wallet balance will appear on the screen, which you can use without any time limit
  • Specify the numbers of coupons who wish to purchase
  • Press the COMPLETE MY ORDER button after having chosen the amount of coupons that you wish to purchase, and you will immediately receive your coupons by email!

  • Happy shopping!!


Add $1,000 pesos to your Cupocity Wallet* and receive a free $100-peso credit that you can use whenever you want!

  • Your credit never expires
  • Promotion is only valid for a limited time. Don't miss this great opportunity!


  • Log in to your Cupocity account with your username and password, by clicking on the LOG IN button or go to
  • Click on the ADD MONEY TO YOUR WALLET link
  • Follow the instructions
  • Paypal Account


  • Deposit the amount of $1,000 pesos to account # 03 20 04 02 788 (cash or check) To account # 0402788 if you wire transfer from a Scotiabank account To account # 0443 7503 2004 027887 if you wire transfer from another bank
  • Send us an email at indicating your email address associated with your Cupocity account or your Cupocity username.
  • The amount of $1,100 pesos will be credited to your account in less than 60 minutes (except weekends), and you can purchase all your coupons without logging to your Paypal account, using your credit/debit card, going to Oxxo/7 Eleven or to the bank every day!

    * in 1 single transaction


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